Business Development

We work with you to develop and implement practical, real-world solutions to the problems you face. We are ready to help by serving as your management team or providing consulting services where needed. We leverage our insight and experience to help you diagnose, improve and deliver superior results in the key functional areas that impact your bottom line.

As owners and operators ourselves, we understand the big picture as well as the smallest details of day-to-day operations. For nearly two decades our richly designed flagship Mohegan Sun in Connecticut has been distinguished as one of the largest casino destination facilities in the world and is recognized as having the highest gross gaming revenue of any facility in the Western Hemisphere. Our knowledge, our approach and our processes are grounded in the real-world gaming experience we have gained through developing Mohegan Sun and a range of casinos—large and small—commercial and tribal, local and destination across multiple jurisdictions.


MTGA is a leader in project development and management services large and small.  We have the resources, construction experience, financial relationships and operational expertise to create or enhance projects that range from the mega-integrated resort destination to the more modest, but productive regional gaming enterprise.  We have the advantageous experience of developing from the ground up or for enhancing and making the most of an existing product.  While we have a highly qualified team dedicated to  development, we also have over 12,000 dedicated team members to lend support.  Once constructed, MTGA is adept at managing the most from the market.  We continue to exceed our fair share in the markets where we compete.


Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority can provide your organization with either short term or multi-year management services. When you hire us as your manager, you will have the support and expertise of the entire Mohegan team working toward improving your operations.


Develop measurable and profitable marketing programs to outperform your competitors.

  • Are you assessing and adjusting your promotions to remain competitive in your market?
  • Should your advertising campaign undergo an independent review?
  • Are you attracting and retaining your most valuable customers?


Build analytics to improve your decision-making process and maximize profitability.

  • Are you maximizing revenue from your slot machines?
  • Are you yielding your hotel rooms properly?
  • Is your mix of table game and slot product ideal?
  • Should you reduce (or add) participation product?

Human Resources & Leadership Development

Align your human resource programs with strategic business planning to achieve organizational and operational effectiveness.

  • Have you initiated tribal member leadership development and succession planning programs to ensure long term sustainable self-management of tribal gaming operations?
  • Are your compensation systems competitive and in keeping with your operating goals and objectives?
  • Are you proactively managing the employer-employee relationship to maximize productivity, increase guest service and limit liability?
  • Are you interested in increasing employee engagement and guest service delivery through progressive, cost-effective and integrated communication programs?
  • Have you initiated organizational assessments to measure the effectiveness of organizational structures and positions as well as policies, practices and programs?

Finance & Compliance

Develop and improve planning and budgeting processes to deliver the information you need for evaluating financial performance and making management decisions.

  • Do your internal financial statements deliver the information you need to evaluate operating segment results?
  • Are you comfortable that your internal accounting controls adequately safeguard your assets?
  • Do you need more effective strategic planning or budgeting processes?
  • Are you keeping up with and taking advantage of legal and regulatory changes?


Evaluate the economic feasibility of and process for providing non-gaming amenities or expanding your gaming space.

  • Would expansion or providing other non-gaming amenities yield a favorable return on investment?
  • Could you use expertise in managing the construction of a project?
  • Are you looking for contacts within the investment community to fund your project?