Our Model

The MTGA business model focuses on creating and operating world-class gaming/entertainment facilities. We understand that today’s gaming guest is seeking a multi-dimensional “entertainment experience.” This guest demands a wide array of products and services, all available at a central location with easy access. Extensive food & beverage offerings, feature entertainment and a variety of gaming options are a few of the amenities patrons have come to expect.

Mohegan Sun, MTGA’s flagship property, has captured all of these elements. Equally important are Mohegan Sun’s intangible attributes. The product at Mohegan Sun has been built around a series of business practices called Core Values. Each of the four Core Values listed below are instilled upon our employees from the start and are considered the fabric of what we call “The Mohegan Sun Way”:

  • Blowing Away the Customer
  • Bottom Line Performance
  • Continuously Striving for Perfection
  • Developing Passionate and Dedicated Employees

The implementation of the Core Values philosophy has contributed greatly to the overall success of MTGA and will remain a key component in all of our future endeavors.

Commercial Gaming
The explosive growth of gaming worldwide offers MTGA the opportunity to explore acquisitions from a wide variety of gaming products, such as racinos, resort-oriented development and existing casino properties. Accordingly, MTGA is exploring commercial gaming opportunities in both seasoned and emerging gaming jurisdictions. We will continue to focus our efforts on the regional destination product, seeking locations where the facility will draw customers from a wide geographical and demographic spectrum.

American Indian Gaming
Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority is an ideal source of wisdom, strategy and solutions for Indian tribes that are considering entering the gaming business. We know what the process is like from start to finish – and we know how to work through the many challenges that lie ahead.

Our team has hands-on experience with critical casino development, management and operations issues. We work closely with tribes by focusing on several key objectives:

  • Establishing strong community and public relations programs
  • Addressing tribal, state and federal regulatory issues
  • Forging long-term relationships with lenders and investors
  • Overseeing all phases of design, engineering and construction
  • Managing complex operations such as gaming, hotels, food and beverage,
    security and information technology
  • Promoting and advancing tribal themes and culture
  • Developing organizational framework, policies and procedures
  • Developing dedicated and passionate managers and employees
  • Implementing tribal employment and career opportunities